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This release was originally supposed to be two seperate EPs and both were to be entirely written using file samples of insomnia induced demos, field recordings, random ideas recorded on my phone and vocal samples from prior releases. After a while I decided to challenge myself and create a piece of music that only exists by playing the two EPs simultaneously overtop of one another. I then spent a couple months compiling the necessary material and sorting through the madness to find the perfect candidates for such a project. When played individually these tracks mean nothing, however when they come together in this form they take on a new life greater than the sum of its parts. The left speaker plays one EP and the right plays the other. Eventually, both EPs unite to create a climatic closing and cathartic release for the record. Once the musical elements were finished I started working on new lyrics to bring everything full circle. The title for the physical release of this project is Oriri, while the name for the united EPs is Fallen Angel. This is now one of my favorite bodies of work I have ever created. I hope you enjoy this emotional behemoth, as it was produced through difficult times with much labor and love.

Oriri EP

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