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After releasing a highly ambitous project like Noumenon, Metamorphosis takes a left turn by producing the band's most commericial and accessible music to date. With shorter track lengths and a simplistic approach in writing, an aura of ominous beauty overtakes the album as it climbs closer to the finale. Over time the tracks slowly mutate and record's concept becomes more illuminated as it stands against the often dark and brooding atmosphere. Newer and older listeners alike will find something to connect to as Supsuesenesa opens up to vulernability and discusses topics in a way most contemporary artists won't.



A Song You Will Never Hear

Was It Always This Way?

Free Raw Material

Cast Away

Sunk Cost Fallacy



Jellyfish Swim Above Us


Passion Dies

A Song That No One Sings

Father Forgive Me

My Final Moments Of Happiness


*hidden track*

Metamorphosis In Reverse

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